Manufactured to your required size & specifications in clear | colour |translucent or leatherette finish PVC material – to give the printed content that extra longevity

PVC Book Covers

Book covers
  • Leatherlook and PVC book covers for vehicle service books, cheque books etc.

PVC School Book Covers

  • 275 micron PVC school book covers available in 15 colours-a colour for every subject, also manufactured in clear PVC
  • A5 landscape school book cover
  • A4 portrait school book cover 3
  • A5 school book cover

PVC Covers for School Books

  • A4 translucent clear 170 micron PVC covers for school books

PVC Covers for School Learners Guides

  • 170 micron clear extra heavy duty PVC  covers for school learner guides & text books

PVC Cheque Book Covers

Book covers
  • PVC cheque book covers with a 1 colour silkscreen

PVC Vehicle Service Book Covers

Book covers
  • Book covers for vehicle service books,log books,cheque books, I.D. and passport books
  • Manufactured to fit any size or shape

PVC Service Book Holder

Book covers
  • White PVC vehicle service book holder with 2 compartments to house business cards.

PVC Service Book Holder

Book covers
  • Black PVC vehicle service book holder with a silver silkscreen print.

PVC I.D. Book Covers

Book covers
  • Burgundy leatherlook PVC ID book cover