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Promoting Your Brand

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Just a few PVC products that can assist in brand awareness.

Branded PVC  products always a functional choice assisting with brand awareness from ring binders | folders |desk top calendars | business card folders| PVC keyrings | DL pamphlet stands | sunglass cases to luggage tags  – tuff durable PVC products branded for that lasting image

Brief overview of our fitted school book covers product range

PVC Counter Mats

Soft flexible PVC point of sale mats or counter mats – waterproof with a non slip backing material with full colour encapsulation or digital process directly onto the inner layer of PVCr

Poster Holders

500 micron ar PVC budget poster holders from A5 to A2 sizes

Vehicle License Disc Holders

Vehicle license disc holders with full colour branding – many options available

PVC Zip Slider Pouch

PVC zip slider pouch – many sizes available to hold an assortment of ideas

PVC Clipboards

  • 275 micron PVC school book covers available in 15 colours-a colour for every subject, also manufactured in clear PVC
  • A5 landscape school book cover
  • A4 portrait school book cover 3
  • A5 school book cover

Branded PVC Pocket Size Folders

Branded PVC pocket size folders to house catalogues or product information

PVC Swatch Covers

PVC swatch covers or product display  holders full colour  branding – designed to house your product and increase sales possibilities…..endless

PVC Desk Top Calendar Holders

PVC desk top calendar holders for the hotel and entertainment industry